Some Vital Essentials to Commercial Property Maintenance

Any property or business owner knows that keeping their building or business in top condition in Las Vegas can be a challenge given the dusty and dry environment of Nevada. Owners need to ensure that exterior areas are tidy and clean, meeting all legal regulations for property care and maintenance, and keeping all aspects of the property going smoothly. The best solution to all this is to hire a commercial property maintenance company that is reputable and reliable with its trained specialist employees.

Why Do Property Owners Need Commercial Property Maintenance?

In truth, commercial property maintenance is needed for any large facility or commercial building because having its own property maintenance crew complete with equipment and tools is too expensive to maintain. These maintenance services can range from pressure or building washing or cleaning, exterior ground sweeping and maintenance, restroom maintenance and plumbing, bulk hauling and removal, general repairs, disinfection, to staff augmentation.

Although the purpose and services of commercial property maintenance will vary depending on the business or building/facility, the ultimate purpose of property maintenance is to keep the property looking and feeling healthfully clean and safe to work in, improving curb appeal, and making sure of the functionality of business operations.

In short, property owners will benefit from these three factors:

  • Expertise and experience – A commercial property maintenance company (such as ASPEN Commercial Services, LLC) is assumed to be an expert in their field and have amassed comprehensive experience and understanding of what property owners need.
  • Cost effectiveness – Hiring a commercial property maintenance company for ongoing services is more cost-effective than calling different companies piece-meal.
  • Time – In all business environments, delegating aspects of property maintenance to a single external source is both time saving and cost saving. This opens up owners to focus on the more important parts of the business.

Choosing the Right Commercial Property Maintenance Company

  • Cost – Find a company that will fit your budget but can deliver the proper results you need.
  • Modern but specific equipment and tools – A reputable commercial services company will maintain state-of-the-art equipment and tools that are specific for specific jobs and services.
  • Ask for referrals and look at their reviews – Ask the maintenance company for referrals from other property owners. Ask the owners if they would recommend that maintenance company. Also, take a look at the customer reviews from the company website and independent forums.

ASPEN Commercial Services, LLC

With 25 years of experience in the commercial property maintenance industry, we are able to provide our customers with world-class service through our knowledge, expertise, and resources. As befits all businesses in Las Vegas, we provide the best services for large properties, malls, and storefronts.

ASPEN Commercial Services provide complete property maintenance such as pressure washing, bulk/trash hauling, area cleaning, plumbing, and other maintenance. We also provide staff augmentation services such as after-hours personnel, day porters, emergency staff, and janitorial services. Visit our official website for a complete list of our commercial maintenance services. We are licensed and certified by OSHA, IICRC, and the Nevada State Contractors Board.

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